The End

    The end.
    That’s the aim. The purpose. The goal.
    It’s what it’s all about, it’s where it goes, it’s what matters, inspires, moves, drives, makes.
    The end.
    The hope, the fear and the certainty. The awareness. The inevitability.
    It’s always there.
    And we always know it’s there.
    And yet... where is it? And, possibly even more important... when?
    Also... what are we talking about here?
    Let me just say this: I am reaching for the end here, and my purpose is to reach it.
    I want to finish.
    I want to be done.
    The end.
    But this is not it.
    It could be. Be it’s not.
    Stupid, right? If the object is to be done, to finish, to reach the end, why don’t I just finish?
    You can end anytime, anywhere.
    The end.
    Still not it.
    So, you start wondering, is it really about ending then? Because, if it was, then let’s just end it. It’s easy.
    But it’s not. Or so it seems.
    Because you realize pretty fast that there has to be more than that. There’s more than the end. There’s everything that happens before it.
    And there’s the beginning.
    There’s everything.
    And when that’s there, it’s very hard to end. Because it always seems like it could be more. And it should be more. And it’s never enough.
    The end?
    Not yet!
    No, please, not yet! Nothing happened, yet. We can’t end before we began. And that’s not a problem, anymore, because we have begun. We are already in it. We are between the beginning and the end. The beginning, forgotten, the end, unknown, expected... postponed?
    So we are in... whatever it is that will end at some point. And if it ends without being anything, what was the point of beginning? To end? We already discovered that there has to be more, because we haven’t ended so far, and we could have. We really could have. We still can. But we’re not.
    We don’t dare end before we have something worth ending, because something not worth ending should never have begun and this has. Ending for the sake of ending would be a defeat, even though ending was the purpose at the beginning. So, fulfilling the purpose would be defeating the purpose.
    Now we can’t do what we set out to do.
    We are stuck.
    A terrible place to be.
    Maybe it’s a lesson?
    What have we learned?
    Don’t start if all you want to do is end.
    OK, at least something happened.
    So, now we can end.

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