Embrace Your Defeat

You think that life will take good care of you?
You think that all your dreams will soon come true?
You think that life will turn out to be great,
delivered to you on a silver plate?

You think that everything will be ok?
It’s never gonna happen, there’s no way!
You think that what will come is, oh, so sweet?
Forget it, baby: Embrace your defeat!

Yea, embrace your defeat!
Then shuffle your feet!
And move to the beat!
Yea, baby,
embrace sweet defeat!

You think you’re smart,
but you don’t have a clue!
Good looking? Baby,
that is just not true!

You’ll starve,
exactly when you want to eat.
You want to dance?
But not with two left feet!

You want to sing,
when you can hardly talk?
You want to fly?
Be happy if you walk!

You want to live?
You’ll end up in a crate!
You want some sex?
You’ll have to masturbate!

Embrace your defeat!
Then shuffle your feet, dance, baby!
Just move to the beat, the beat,
the beat of sweet defeat!readeo.html