A Story With a Terrible Title

Martin Marion

        Once upon a time, there was a story. It didn’t have a title. So, the story said to the writer: “Hey, what’s my title?”
        “I don’t know, you’re not written yet,” said the writer and continued to write.
        “What am I about?”, asked the story.
        “How am I supposed to know that, I’m only just starting,” replied the writer.
        “But you’re writing me!” The story was, clearly, starting to get a bit agitated.
        “Leave me alone, or I’ll never finish you.”
        “I can’t leave you alone, you’re writing me, idiot.”
        “Hey, don’t call me an idiot or I’ll give you a terrible title, just to piss you off.”
        “Idiot!”, repeated the story.
        “That’s it, I’m finishing you right now.”

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