The man is in love with the woman.
She doesn’t believe his love. She calls him a liar. She rejects him.
Then she tells him he is not allowed to feel bad about that.
Or if he feels bad about it, he is not allowed to show it to anyone, not even her.
She also forbids him to tell anything about that to anyone.
What can a man do? He is in love, called a liar, rejected, not allowed to feel, not allowed to show feelings, not allowed to express the feelings, not allowed to talk about the feelings, not allowed to do anything at all.
Everything is inside, and everything is wrong.
Nothing can come out in any way.
Stuff starts to bubble and boil on the inside.
The man explodes.
But, he is careful and explodes where no one can see or hear him.
He hopes that doesn’t hurt the woman’s feelings.
She hears his explosion (the man wasn’t careful enough, everyone heard him blow up), and finally she believes him.
Also, he looks much better exploded.

And they lived happily ever after (except that the man’s bits and pieces were splattered all over his apartment, but other than that they were really happy).

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