It was a church, reaching up to the sky.
    He was looking at it, thinking: “Hey, church, what’s your problem?”
    And the church, unexpectedly, answered him: “I don’t have a problem. It’s just you who is asking stupid questions.”
    Shocked, he took his gaze away from the church and directed it towards a mirror, where he found himself, asking. Was he really asking stupid questions? Was that one of them? And another?
    “No,” he decided, “it is not my questions that are stupid. It is the church, out there, reaching up, totally clueless!”
    Then the mirror said: “Stop staring at me! You’re only looking at yourself! You are selfish!”
    He knew that to be true, so he directed his eyes back to the church, out there, on a sunny day. The mirror was relieved. But the church seemed annoyed, suddenly.
    “Stop staring at me,” it said.
    So he did. Why bother with gaze-stealing churches, they can’t even talk, anyway.
    Life seemed better then.
    For a moment, anyway.readeo.html