It was bullshit.  Life was.  And everything.  Bullshit.
        He was really pissed off about it.  How can life be like that?  He never expected everything to turn out the way it did.  Bullshit!
        Things used to be different, or so it seemed.  Everything was going according to plan back then, and then it all collapsed.  Such crap...  Can it ever be the way it was?
        He took the clock and started to turn back the time.  Why not?  Who cares?  He might as well....  He didn't care about all the people that enjoyed this time, he took it right back to where he though it was better.  And he saw...
        It was bullshit even then.  It was always bullshit, but he didn't know it then.  Now he could recognize it.  It was clear as day.  And what was worse, he would have to go through the same crap again, now that he was back in it.
        Such bullshit, there was just no getting away from it.  That really pissed him off.readeo.html